Message from FILCCA President

FILCCA President - Ms. Cecilia Flores



It is my honour and pleasure to wish everyone “Happy Philippine Independence Anniversary”!

Congratulations and best wishes to all the Filipino state community councils in Australia that are celebrating this significant historical event.

We honour and remember our motherland, the Philippines and its people on this occasion of the 124th anniversary of Philippine Independence.

It is a happy event this year in contrast to the years 2020 and 2021 which were highly beset with Covid 19 challenges, ranging from family separations to many lives lost, and many plans, hopes and dreams that were crushed.

We lived then in uncertain times. Our normal daily routines were shattered as Covid 19 restrictions took place. We were not sure of when is the right time and where is the right place to be out of our homes to do the essentials or to go for a walk. They were long days of emptiness, isolation, loneliness and trauma for many people, young and old.

However, not all hope was lost. We found ways of alleviating the atrocities of a Covid-stricken world by resorting to online or virtual means. Keeping CovidSafe through social distancing, vaccines and mandatory facemasks and lockdowns became the norm. We kept in touch with loved ones by using social media platforms profusely and held events virtually.

Sincere congratulations and appreciation to all state leaders and affiliate members of the Filipino Communities Council of Australia Inc (FILCCA) for banding together in providing the best they can to reach out to those impacted by Covid in Australia and the Philippines.

Despite the unprecedented times, we still emerged as heroes. Especially so for the bravery and stamina of the frontliners who have, to this day, unselfishly served and cared for those who needed them. We became more resilient, resourceful, stronger, kinder and compassionate. Let there be more love for our neighbours, near and far.

As one big and united Filipino community organisation, let us continue to look for and find ways of improving our lives and making the best of circumstances by forging stronger ties between Australia and the Philippines.

And so, in commemoration of our National Day, we stand tall and proud to show the world that we have coped, we have survived, and we continue to strive for a better life ahead.

We shall continue to free ourselves of the memories of struggles of the past and move on with a better outlook. It is the notion of freedom that sustains us in our daily lives. Because we are Filipinos and because we love freedom in all its forms.

I am, you are, always a Filipino. Mabuhay Filipinos!

FILCCA President - Ms. Cecilia Flores

Cecilia Flores
National President
Filipino Communities Council of Australia Inc

12 June 2022