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FILCCA 15th Filipino National Conference
Published: Thursday, 08 February 2018

The FILCCA President, Dante Maribbay, is proud to announce that FILCCA will hold its biennial Filipino Conference on 19 to 21 October 2018 in Perth, WA. The conference venue is Novotel Perth Langley Hotel in the city centre.

This event is a gathering of Filipino-Australian community leaders across the different states and territories to discuss various issues that affect their communities and bring back to their communities the empowering tools and knowledge gleaned from a collective agreement of the conference.

The theme “Strengthening Filipino Communities through Unity and Service” shall define the outcome of this conference and in turn help our community leaders become active stakeholders in nation building.

Any enquiries and request for more information, please contact:
Dante Maribbay – President (dante.maribbay@gmail.com) | 0404 038 483
Cecilia Flores – Public Relations Officer (cecflor8@hotmail.com) | 0433 990 098
Bobby Lastica – Secretary (trebor.hudian@gmail.com) | 0487 262 441
Serna Ladia – VP External (serna.ladia19@hotmail.com) | 0430 551 351
Cecille Wheare – VP Internal (c.w.associations@bigpond.com) | 0424 107 798
Aida Garcia - Immediate Past President (afgarcia@bigpond.com | 0401 770 278

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