About Us

The Filipino Communities Council of Australia Inc (FILCCA) was established in 1990 and is the oldest known existing umbrella organisation outside the Philippines.

FILCCA Objectives
  • To advocate, lobby and campaign for the promotion and advancement of the welfare and interests of all Filipino-Australians and Filipinos in Australia.
  • To promote and develop organised self-help initiatives and solidarity among Filipinos and Filipino-Australians nationally through Filipino-Australian or Filipino community organisations in all the states and territories.
  • To promote Filipino heritage, cliture and language.
  • To promote the concept of contribution by the Filipino community in Australia towards the economic, political and social advancement of the Australian community.
  • To promote, encourage and support socio-economic and political empowerment of Filipinos and Australians of Filipino descent in Australia
  • To act as community gatekeepers for information and conslitation with the Philippine and Australian governments and other bodies, organised to work for greater access to various rights, welfare services and other benefits for all Filipinos in Australia.
  • To initiate, organise, maintain, expand, promote and support programs, projects and activities that are appropriate and relevant to the needs of the Filipino communities in Australia.
  • To organise discussions, studies, training and conferences that raise the awareness, organisational skills and capabilities of organisations to address common concerns among Filipino-Australians and Filipinos in Australia.
  • To do all such other things necessary for the implementation and furtherance of the above objects or any of them.
FILCCA Board Members 2016-2018
President - Dante Maribbay (FCCWA)
Vice President (External) - Serna Ladia (PCC NSW)
Vice President (Internal) - Cecille Wheare (FCCV)
Vice President Youth - Mark Cecil (FCCQ)
Secretary - Bobby Lastica (PCC NSW)
Public Relations Officer - Cecilia Flores (FCCACT)
Immediate Past President - Aida Garcia (FSCCSA)

Affiliate Associations

The eight state/territory community council associations under FILCCA:

Filipino Australian Association of the Northern Territory (FAANT) (Est. 1991)
President: Nerissa Agudo

Filipino Community Council of Queensland Inc (FCCQ) (Est.
President: Mena Edmondstone

Filipino Communities Council of Tas Inc (FCCTAS) (Est. 2002)
President: Florence Talbo-Parker